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What are dentures ?

A denture is a removable replacement for missing tooth or teeth. It is supported by soft tissue. Complete dentures are used to replace missing teeth for people incase of no teeth at all. They can also be used for people who have lost many of their teeth. In this case, the denture is called a partial or overdenture.


Since these are artificial and removable, therefore, it becomes extremely important to handle them with care. If you want your dentures to have a longer life, the following tips should be taken into consideration :

Keep Your Dentures Clean

Always ensure that your dentures are clean for this you need to brush your dentures with a non-abrasive brush at least once a day. Though they are artificial, yet plaque and bacteria can build up on the teeth causing damage to other teeth and gums. If possible remove your dentures after every meal and wash it with warm water but if you have complete dentures, then mere brushing would do.

Overnight Protection

Soak your dentures at night in water or in the denture solution as prescribed by your dentist. So that your dentures do not weaken avoid chlorine with it. While putting dentures on in the morning make sure you rinse them with clean water as this will help to remove the chemicals if any during the soaking process.

Keep A Look At Your Dentures

Monitor your dentures time to time and visit your dentist if your dentures loosen, slip or you come across a change in the bite. Having ill-fitting dentures can cause infections and irritations.

Is it difficult to wear?

It is not difficult to wear a denture. But in the initial days, you may find difficulties to wear. But it is normal. Eventually, your mouth and gum will adjust with the new teeth. A few appointments with the dentist are generally required after a denture placement. So the fit can be checked and adjusted. If any problem arises, particularly irritation or soreness, be sure to consult the dentist.

Does denture make it difficult to eat food ?

In initial days of insertion soft diet will be recommended. When your mouth is adjusted with denture then you can resume your normal diet.

Why Is It Important To Remove Dentures At Night?

This is because the gums and tissue which supports your dentures need time to rest and recover while coming in contact with saliva. Therefore, it is considered as the healthiest thing to be done.

Can One Sleep With Dentures On?

Though there isn’t any risk associated but is advised to sleep after removing them as this will then be considered as a healthy option.

Do Dentures Hurt?

Because you are not used to having something artificial in your mouth, you might feel inconvenience at first. The patient and the dentures are kept under examination for first 24-48 hours to evaluate the areas of discomfort and to treat them accordingly.

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